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Dr House and his team discover the true extent of CIPA when they find out their patient was unable to feel a 25ft tapeworm living inside her.

From House M.D. Season 3 Episode 14 'Insensitive' - A snowstorm leaves the ER short-staffed on Valentine's Day; House determines that Foreman's patient, who was injured in a car accident, has a rare condition that makes her completely insensitive to pain.

House (2004) Dr House, an ingenious and unsociable physician who flouts hospital rules, clashes with fellow doctors and his assistants as he comes up with controversial hypotheses about his patients' illnesses.

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Ow, can we hurry this up make sure they take your time? What's, your name, Hannah, morventhal, sipa, Hannah, morgenthal, well, I don't.

We have to do x-rays to make sure you don't have internal injuries blood tests to make sure no infections EEG for neurological anomalies and biopsy a spinal nerve.

Well, congenital insensitivity to pain is one of the rarest conditions on the planet.

It's only been about 60 documented cases.

Yeah, I have seven reasons to think that she's one of them.

She says, she's, not and that's reason number one, she knew what it was without us telling her two she's still wet from the snow she's, not shivering, that's, odd unless You Can't Sweat or feel hot and cold.

The ambulance was warm three scarring around the lips and tongue, which when she chewed on herself without feeling, it I fell through a window.

When I was a kid, four, you clean the wound.

She flexed into the cleaner and said away from it it's hard to fake pain when you've never felt.

It takes an imaginative leap MS morgenthal.

She wants to see her mom.

She admits having sepa.

She knows we're, not letting her go anywhere without a battery of tests.

He said, you had seven reasons I, pulled the number out of the air like five isn't enough.

Five lame reasons aren't taking her to see her mom, I can hit her again.

Six isn't enough.

Do the tests I'm sick.

No your EEG was normal x-ray showed no breaks blood tests showed no infections, urine indicated Dome, yeah, call code.

Oh God need ice packs and cooling blankets got ceiling in there it's, not flush it's, not sweating.

You must be she's, a temperature of 105.

and that's gonna make me feel pain I, didn't feel anything.

When you guys screwed this thing into my head, I'm gonna replace missing chemicals in your nerves heightened sensitivity, be drilling directly into your skull.

The response should indicate sarcoma hurts.

All right bone.

Pain is the worst there is.

So you need to let me know as soon as you feel anything, he's ready.

So what I just said, sure will you guys drill a hole? You want to talk showing your mom, huh? Two must be pretty close.

We were until I got arrested.

Third time, drugs fights I've got an advantage, not really never know when to stop you pissed.

A lot of people off are you just trying to piss off your mom pretty much the only two choices you have them.

You want us to stop.


Stop the drill.


The drill, it's.


What you feel where did you feel? It Anna I need to know how it hurt Hannah, I'm, not gonna hurt you.

Yes, you are.


I can do anything Hannah you're having a paranoid delusion.

I, don't, believe you you think she would it's real.

You want me to be in pain you even said.

So if we wanted to hurt you, we'd let you jump happy.

My mother fine we'll.

Take you to her or observation, room, I, don't know, your mother is fine I, just spoke to a surgeon Anna.

What do you want from us? What do you want us to do I? Can't feel my legs you're trying to pull the same stunt twice in 10 minutes, I'm, not pretending that they don't hurt they're.

Just there anything we're, not looking for pain anything at all pressure.


You have six broken bones, a fever a concussion, erratic, heart rhythms and a complete lack of sensation below the waist I feel fine does my mother had a surgery yet, not yet.

This is excellent.

The paranoia seems to have dissipated, but her vitals keep getting worse.

She could be dead in hours, but if you're gonna die in miserable lingering death, pain freeze the way to do it are we sure the fall didn't cause the paralysis? The paralysis caused the fall spines, clean, no vertical fractures or spinal cord compression, even better, the nuttiness and paralysis mean, there's, definitely a neurological component.

It could be a nerve disease, which is why we need to look at the nerve that you didn't biopsy I should have gone out on the ice.

I shouldn't have fallen down and I shouldn't have made.

You rush me to an ER for the 10th time this year, mom foreign and I had to take her back to surgery.


Your BP is way up.

We need to get you some rest hand split you're, crying, hi.


My head is killing me.

What if we add guilt guilt as a symptom? Alzheimer's can cause Euphoria pain causes depression and B12 deficiency causes guilt along with all that other stuff.

If she felt guilty, she wouldn't be making her mother's life miserable.

She wouldn't be getting in fights getting arrested, maybe she's fighting because she feels guilty she's showing her mom.

She can take stupid risks and still be safe.

Means mom can let go which is rational.

If guilt is a symptom it's caused by the illness, not by a thought process, and it would have to be new a couple years ago.

She was a model student.

This is pointless if the headache was caused by guilt, she has a B12 deficiency if it's just because she was sad, it's meaningless.

How the hell did we test for that? We don't give her a shot of B12, and she gets better I was right.

We already did.

Yeah, I gave her B12 when she was admitted part of a multivitamin supplement apparently she's just sad is it possible for you to just watch me eat or do you get some primeval thrill out of beating the other Hunters to the food? See? You later, you still haven't figured out that I don't need sedation.

So you don't move during the procedure is that nitrous are you trying to kill her gave her nitrous during the EEG that's? What made this thing? Rear it's ugly? What thing B12 deficiency are you having Deja Vu.

We've had this car.

This conversation.

She was given B12.

She didn't get better because someone else ate it get an abdominal MRI.

What what are you doing? See there? She goes a paranoid delusion.

Worried she's, going downhill, forget the MRI within an hour.

Let me go occupied.

Her hernia can wait to kill me.

Okay? You can even believe that we really are trying to kill her, or you can assume She's suffering from a medical condition.

As soon as this is a hospital and we're all dressed like doctors.

And there are easier ways to kill somebody that helps them I'm gonna need iodine scaffold numbers, 10 and 15 forceps and a larger salad bowl.

Okay? Hold her down.

Come on wheelies she's in a cast [, __, ], 15., you're, not going to anesthetize her, relax, it's, just a magic trick I'm.


It we're, not falling for it.

This time, okay, keep that retracted forceps foreign Lake.

Fishing can be fun.

It can bring the generations together if you don't cook that trout or perch, well, I'll be giving room and board to this fella, my free board, I mean, I'll be 12.

You could take in I could have a taper in me, not likely you'd be in a lot of pain I'm, five feet long.


What world records over 60.


What is the pain quote on House MD? ›

Gregory House : Life is pain! I wake up every morning in pain! Work is pain! You know how many times I just wanted to give up?

What episode of House does the girl feel no pain? ›

On Valentine's Day, House meddles in relationships as he works to diagnose a teenager who has a genetic inability to feel pain. On Valentine's Day, House meddles in relationships as he works to diagnose a teenager who has a genetic inability to feel pain.

What happened to Gregory House? ›

In the series finale, House fakes his death both to get out of going to prison and to spend five remaining months with Wilson before he dies of cancer, after having spent the past third of the season helping him through difficult, risky and ultimately unsuccessful treatments and reckless "bucket list" wishes.

What episode of House is Mika Boorem in? ›

Mika Sue Boorem is an American actress. On House, M.D., she portrayed CIPA patient Hannah Morgenthal in the Season 3 episode Insensitive.

What is Dr House's most famous line? ›

People don't get what they deserve. They just get what they get. There's nothing any of us can do about it. Gregory House, M.D.

What is the famous line of pain? ›

I want you to feel the pain, to think about it, to know the pain and to accept it. Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace. When I had nothing and no one, I was always in pain.

What is the condition called when you don't feel pain? ›

Congenital insensitivity to pain and anhydrosis (CIPA) is a very rare and extremely dangerous condition. People with CIPA cannot feel pain [1]. Pain-sensing nerves in these patients are not properly connected in parts of brain that receive the pain messages.

What episode of House has schizophrenia? ›

A 38-year-old mother, apparently suffering from thrombosis, alcoholism and schizophrenia, has only her young son as caregiver.

Who is the girl who can't feel pain in House MD? ›

Hannah is a teen-age girl with CIPA (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain and Anhidrosis), a rare condition in which she can not feel pain, hot, or cold. She is also unable to sweat and regulate her body temperature. As the episode begins, Hannah's mother is rushing her to the hospital emergency room on a snowy night.

What is Gregory House's IQ? ›

Based on how I remember he could pick things up, and also being around many people with high IQs, I'd say at least 145. Oh, and cuddy mention him and masters having a combined IQ north of 300, which is probably true.

Why was Cameron written out of House? ›

Her last episode as a main character was Teamwork, the 8th episode of the season. She left when she realized that House had a heavy impact on Chase and she couldn't live with it, after her failed attempt to make Chase quit the hospital as well.

Why was House cancelled? ›

During its 177-episode run, House was extremely popular, becoming the most-watched fictional TV show in the world in 2008, with over 81 million viewers worldwide. However, by the time House season 8 was broadcast, the viewership numbers had dropped and significant House characters like Cuddy had left the show.

What happens in season 7 episode 23 of House? ›

A known performance artist collapses during a performance. She ends with House's team, which is what she wanted. House is more self-destructive and irresponsible than usual.

Did House have Asperger's? ›

He also believed his emotional connection to an autistic boy were proof of it. Cuddy then tells Wilson that House doesn't have Asperger syndrome, but he's just a jerk.

What happens in season 5 episode 20 of House? ›

Taub treats a patient whose dying husband gets better as she becomes sicker, while the rest of the team deals with a devastating loss. Taub treats a patient whose dying husband gets better as she becomes sicker, while the rest of the team deals with a devastating loss.

Why does Dr House call her 13? ›

The name "Thirteen" comes from the character's introduction: while searching for new team members House assigned all the applicants numbers rather than memorise all their names and persistently used it in reference to her.

Who was House's old girlfriend? ›

Stacy Warner

What is the most popular line in the world? ›

10 most famous quotes of all time
  • "I have a dream." - Martin Luther King Jr.
  • "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - ...
  • "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - ...
  • "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." -
May 20, 2022

What are the two pain quotes? ›

Success Leader, Jim Rohn, often said, “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

What is a quote about suffering pain? ›

More Quotes on Suffering
  • We must learn to suffer what we cannot evade; our life, like the harmony of the world, is composed of contrary things, and one part is no less necessary than the other. ...
  • To make sacrifices in big things is easy, but to make sacrifices in little things is what we are seldom capable of.

Is it possible to ignore pain? ›

It Can Lead to Other Health Problems When nerve pain is ignored, it throws your entire body off. The system our body used to signal and acknowledge pain begins to break down, which can lead to other health problems. You may begin to feel more fatigued and experience weakening of your muscles.

What is it called when you like pain? ›

Masochism and sadism are both about the enjoyment of pain. Masochism refers to the enjoyment of experiencing pain while sadism refers to the enjoyment of inflicting pain on someone else. Interestingly, both masochism and sadism are eponymous words.

What is high pain tolerance? ›

Pain tolerance refers to how much pain a person can reasonably handle. They still feel the sensation as painful, but the pain is tolerable. A person with a high pain tolerance can deal with more pain than a person with an average or low pain tolerance.

What mental disorders cause psychosis? ›

Psychosis may be a symptom of a mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or severe depression. However, a person can experience psychosis and never be diagnosed with schizophrenia or any other disorder.

How is a schizophrenic episode? ›

Drastic changes in behaviour may occur, and the person can become upset, anxious, confused, angry or suspicious of those around them. But most people who get psychotic episodes are not a danger to others. They may not think they need help, and it can be hard to persuade them to visit a doctor.

How many episodes can a schizophrenic have? ›

A schizophrenic episode can last days or weeks, and in rare cases, months, says Dr. D'Souza. Some people may experience only one or two schizophrenic episodes in their lifetime, whereas for others the episodes may come and go in phases.

Are the diagnosis on House MD real? ›

It's based on real-life medical mysteries.

One was physician Lisa Sanders, who wrote a column called "Diagnosis" in the New York Times Magazine. The second was Berton Roueché, who wrote feature pieces on unusual medical cases during his 50 years as a staff writer for The New Yorker.

What happened to Dr Volakis in House? ›

Amber Volakis (Anne Dudek), one of the fellows he eliminated earlier in the season and, most importantly, his best friend Dr. James Wilson's girlfriend. She and House were involved in a bus crash, and she ends up dying from her injuries and complications from a flu medicine she was on.

Who is the villain in House MD? ›

Vogler is the billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company who becomes the chairman of the board of PPTH late in season 1. He originally became rich by tricking his father into giving him $20,000 for college before investing it in a small company that quickly became successful, making him a multi-millionaire.

What is Robert Einstein IQ? ›

His performance beats those of physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, who were both estimated to have IQs around 160.

What is Elon Musk's IQ? ›

Let's try to understand Elon's level of IQ now that we know the obvious answer to that question. Elon Musk has a 155 IQ, which is regarded as being quite high.

Who has 600 IQ? ›

Marilyn vos Savant (/ˌvɒs səˈvɑːnt/; born Marilyn Mach; August 11, 1946) is an American magazine columnist who has the highest recorded intelligence quotient (IQ) in the Guinness Book of Records, a competitive category the publication has since retired.

Did House ever love Cameron? ›

Cameron falsely concludes that House isn't capable of love until Stacy Warner comes back into House's life and it's clear that he is in love with her. Cameron accepts that House doesn't love her and stops pursuing him.

Was House ever in love with Cameron? ›

They both had feelings for each other. The problem with Cameron is that she can't be in a relationship. The ones she does go after is due to her wanting to fix and help people.

Why did Lisa leave House? ›

Why did Lisa Edelstein leave House MD? Most of the actors' contracts ended with House MD season 7, and the network wanted to cut down on costs by bringing them back with pay cuts. Lisa Edelstein refused and decided to leave the show instead.

Why did Olivia leave House? ›

The reason for her exit: Wilde was offered a starring role in the Jon Favreau-directed filmCowboys & Aliens, whose production clashed with the show's schedule. As such, Wilde took an absence from House in Season 7. Later, she quit the show in Season 8 to pursue better career opportunities.

Is House filmed in a real hospital? ›

The actual building filmed in the flyovers is not a hospital. Instead it is the Frist Campus Center at Princeton University. This building is the former Palmer Physics Lab and a new modern addition creating the main social center for students of Princeton University.

Why did Wilson leave the show House? ›

Her death eventually leads Wilson to conclude that his relationship with House serves to enable House's dysfunctions. To remove himself from House's influence, he resigns from Princeton-Plainsboro at the beginning of Season 5.

Was Wilson hallucinating at the end of House? ›

The Ending Scene Is Wilson's Hallucination

Following the idea that House actually died in the fire, is that Wilson struggles to cope without his best friend. With only five months to live, the theory, in addition to House dying, is that Wilson hallucinates the idea that House is still alive.

What happens to Ritter in House? ›

In the end, however, Tritter fails in his plans to have House's career destroyed with the judge herself telling him that he was completely blowing everything he brought up about House out of proportion. In spite of this, she still sentences House to one night in jail for contempt of court.

Who does House end up with at the end of the show? ›

House gets his happy ending with Wilson and, perhaps more importantly, there's the implication that he'll be okay once his friend is gone." Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly wrote that "House had, in its final seasons, become a rather sentimental show" and the final episode was a "satisfying" and "fitting ending".

Is Sheldon autistic? ›

Sheldon Cooper has long been speculated to have autism. However, according to the producers of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper isn't actually autistic.

Is Asperger's autism still a thing? ›

As mentioned above, Asperger's Syndrome is no longer diagnosed as a condition in and of itself. It is part of the range of conditions included in Autism Spectrum Disorder. If a parent is concerned about a child's social development, unusual language patterns, and odd behaviors, a pediatrician should be consulted.

What is highest functioning Asperger's? ›

One phrase that is often associated with ASD is “high-functioning,” which refers to an individual who experiences the social and emotional difficulties and stereotyped behaviors or interests that are associated with autism, but does not have any significant delay in intellectual or verbal development.

Why was Kutner killed off? ›

House Killed Off Kutner Because Kal Penn Wanted To Leave The Show.

What happens in House season 5 episode 3? ›

House and the team take on the case of a struggling artist with an undiagnosed illness that's distorting his perception and threatening his career; House continues to have a private investigator dig up dirt on everyone on his team.

Why does House hallucinate Amber in season 5? ›

She began appearing as an hallucination, congratulating House on solving another case. She eventually haunted him during the last few episodes of Season 5. The hallucination was born out of House's guilt over Kutner's death; which in turn caused his chronic insomnia-induced insanity and Vicodin addiction.

What is the quote only in my pain? ›

Only in my pain, did I find my will. Only in my chaos, did I learn to be still. Only in my fear, did I find my might. Only in my darkness, did I see my light.”

What is a famous quote with the word House? ›

A house without books is like a room without windows. Love is like a brick. You can build a house, or you can sink a dead body. Nature is a haunted house--but Art--is a house that tries to be haunted.

What is the quote from burning down the House? ›

Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat. ~Henry Emerson Fosdick | Motivational quotes, Motivation, Words.

What is the House of Failure quote? ›

The late cartoonist, Don Wilder once said, "Excuses are the Nails Used to Build a House of Failure." Simply defined: excuses are one of the fundamental reasons for failure. Stop making excuses and get it done.

What are the 2 kinds of pain quote? ›

There are two types of Pain in this world: Pain that hurts you, and Pain that changes you!:)

What is the quote about no pain? ›

No pain, no gain (or "No gain without pain") is a proverb, used since the 1980s as an exercise motto that promises greater value rewards for the price of hard and even painful work.

What is a strong quote about home? ›

Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.” “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.” “A house is made of bricks and beams.

What is a famous short quote? ›

"There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true." "The price of greatness is responsibility." "The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes." "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."

What is the quote in the road about fire? ›

It's having hope when all seems hopeless. The good guys carry the fire; the bad guys don't.

What is the quote everything is burning? ›

If the sun burns time (and, thus, burns away the years and the people) and he and the firemen continue to burn, everything will burn.

What is the old saying like a house on fire? ›

If two people get on like a house on fire, they like each other very much and become friends very quickly: I was worried that they wouldn't like each other but in fact they're getting on like a house on fire.

What is a famous quote about never giving up? ›

Thomas Edison. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

What is a famous quote about fear? ›

"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." "The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." "Nothing in life is to be feared.

What is a memorable quote from The Fall of the house of Usher? ›

I must perish in this deplorable folly. Thus, thus, and not otherwise, shall I be lost. I dread the events of the future, not in themselves, but in their results. I shudder at the thought of any, even the most trivial, incident, which may operate upon this intolerable agitation of soul.

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